Trouble Keeping Up

Yes, I know I’m cynical a lot of times, and it seems like the times when it all goes to complete shit that I would be in my natural element. But I’m not. I’m just feeling terrible about all this the last couple weeks, and my usual snark and satire feel poorly suited to our current moment.

But this has a lot to do with how I practice it. My snark and satire, when it’s not used for self-deprecating humor, is most targeted at authoritarians and their supporters. Writing merely factual pieces feels useless right now, and you can get news from other places than this blog. Writing satire and snark feels completely inadequate, since there appears to be nothing short of exploding a nuclear weapon on US territory that Trump and his supporters won’t do.

So, I haven’t been contributing much to FtB lately. But I have found a bit of humor that does make me feel better in this moment. it’s not by me, and I haven’t been able to trace the source yet, but I place it here for what enjoyment you might be able to take in this otherwise horrible and sad moment:


…an anarchist and her mom prepare for a protest…

I’ve Been Gone A Few Days

Part of it is the normal cycle of health stuff & part is that a friend needs some help right about now & the last part is that I’m teaching myself to bake sourdough bread from scratch. That wasn’t time consuming when I was just feeding the sourdough starter a couple times a day for a week, but the actual bread making is quite time consuming. I’d upload a picture, but WordPress hasn’t been letting me do that for the past few days and I don’t quite have time to figure out what’s wrong.

I’ll be back to a more regular posting schedule soon, though! See y’all then.


Want to Celebrate Rape? Don’t Do It In My Comments.

My settings require the first comment by any commenter to be approved, regardless of content. I approve most of the comments that reach me, and then folks’ comments are almost always automatically approved thereafter unless they trip the spam trap. The exceptions are rare, and so far they’ve always end up approved after I read them. Because of that, I’ve never yet needed to create a specific comment policy. Today though, in response to the Aaron Persky post, someone decided to wish rape on someone else in a comment:

guilty in a forcible rape for which he served 3 months? i devoutly hope his white ass is no longer virgin. and the judge should be deeply deeply ashamed. i wonder how he can look his daughter or grand daughters in the eye. for shame. for you too. the job is bad at his job. he needs to be fired, which in an instance like this, is a recall. bye felicia! [emphasis added – cd]

I understand the outrage. I obviously share it. Here at Pervert Justice, though, wishing rape on someone will get your comments circular-filed every single time.


I Get Spam: Religion & Meaning

It is often said that religion gives meaning to otherwise meaningless things. I’m of two minds about the claim. On the one hand, religion doesn’t add information in the sense of giving you more facts about the universe than you had without religion. On the other hand, it certainly is true that if a person speaks in religious code, familiarity with the religion certainly helps decipher quite a lot.

My tendency, though, is to come down on the side of those who believe it is false to say that religion gives meaning to otherwise meaningless things. This is because knowing the religious codes and conventions does not require actual belief.

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Moving Day Requires Procrastination … but not too much

So I’m moving on Tuesday, and it’s been very hard to write anything for the last 10 days because of the upcoming move, but rest assured, we’ll be getting back to important topics soon.

In the meantime, I was reminded of Helen Pluckrose’s work at Aeromagazine by someone whom I will not blame, because I’m taking the high road here.

As a result, I feel compelled to write about how wrong Pluckrose is about certain important aspects of intersectionality. And yet, I don’t actually have time right now, plus I have an aversion to giving Pluckrose’s thoughts any more specific attention (such as might occur during an actual critique of any specific article).

Thus, I will limit myself to saying that the metaphor/theoretical model of Intersectionality was introduced by Crenshaw in the late 80s, but not the concept. The concept of intersectionality is at least as old as, “Ain’t I a woman?” as anyone questing for Truth might easily find.

I will also say that Crenshaw’s metaphor/model of intersectionality was not invented as a way to encourage listening. Nor was it crafted because she was opposed to the idea of a future society devoid of power structures that encourage scrutiny of race or gender. Intersectionality was crafted as a response to a practical problem in lawsuits seeking remedy for discrimination against Black women in the workplace:

If it is not completely obvious, what the courts have constructed, and what Crenshaw decries, is a series of justifications that both protects those who discriminate on the basis of (legal) sex if it just might be that the bigots discriminated against a particular plaintiff on the basis of race and also protects those who discriminate on the basis of race if it just might be that the bigots discriminated against a particular plaintiff on the basis of sex. Of course, Black men were not required to prove that their discrimination was racial only, not a combination of race and sex, vice versa for white women.

If you haven’t already, go back and read some of the other articles in my series On the Corner, so you don’t end up having conversations just as misconceived and misinformed as those of Pluckrose.

Off to make lunch and do more packing and cleaning!




Lost Days: Wrist/Thumb Edition

So, once again I’ve gone without posting for a few days in a row. This will happen for nearly all writers, of course, but happens a bit more frequently here at Pervert Justice. I have a bone condition that causes chronic pain, this is most noticeable in my knees and lower back where humans carry a great deal of skeletal stress. It doesn’t leave me unable to walk but makes all walking painful. I use a variety of techniques to avoid or minimize that pain, including using assistive devices and personal vehicles (like wheelchairs and scooters) for longer distances, more painful days, and other unusual situations. But in most cases, I still have good contact with the outside world because of the marvels of personal computing.

Alas, despite the bone problems being most noticeable in particular places, they aren’t limited to them, and last week I dramatically aggravated my right wrist & thumb (though how I did it, I don’t know) leading to a complete inability to type without screaming agony. Though I am still having higher pain than normal in that area, I’m back to typing again with regular content resuming later tonight or early tomorrow. Sorry about the gap & thanks for reading.

Feminist Friday: Countdown

Feminist waves have been endlessly debated, and wave theory has been perpetually (and perhaps deliberately) misunderstood amongst the public generally and anti-feminists specifically. To give feminists the credit they are due and also to help clear up consistent misunderstandings, I have encouraged you all, my wonderful readers, to name feminists about whom you’d like to know more.

My series on the ethics and thought of various feminists will (I hope) be a regular Frigga’s Day feature here, but for various reasons it will not start until next week. In the meantime, I hope that you celebrate this Friday by reading (if you haven’t already) my post on the Seneca Falls convention which gave contractarian feminisms their initial shape, the document produced by the Seneca Falls attendees, my writing on why Crenshaw first elaborated the metaphor of intersectionality and how it is/was useful, or my thoughts on the limits of her initial articulation of intersectionality.

Or, perhaps, you could simply give me more ideas for which feminists deserve the attention of Pervert Justice in the comments of this post or the original announcement of this effort.

In the meantime, have a good Friday and a good weekend!

More Hospital Fun

Lots going on in BC this weekend, including the Folk Fest, which I’ll be attending in part. Also going into the hospital very briefly for some tests, may not even be there overnight. But together it means sparse/no posting until maybe Tuesday.

In the meantime, please feel free to keep suggesting the names of feminists whose ethics and thought you’d like to see this blog to explore. We’ll soon start have our first entry in the new Feminist Friday series with one feminist you’ve nominated.