Boston PD Are Rapist Scumbags

So it has come out that Boston PD protected a pedophile rapist, and Boston officers then voted that scumbag their union president.

Now retired, the scumbag has been arrested for raping the daughter of one of his previous victims. The daughter. 25 years later.

What is the Boston PD response to this? Apparently they’re fighting like hell to prevent any records of the previous investigations from coming to light.

So it comes to this: if they aren’t able to pin this coverup, this complicity, this conspiracy on specific Boston officers, then obviously the only proper response for the general public is to treat ALL Boston officers as if they are actively supporting rapists who wear badges. How many of the cops are actual rapists and how many just support giving rapists the authority to command respect, to command obedience, to preside over the interests of police officers as union president, and even to, it nauseates me to say, even to investigate the rape of children. He literally questioned child victims of other rapists, and the police officers above him allowed that. They gave him the power to do that. They specifically assigned him to do that task.

So this is the choice you’ve given  us, motherrapists. Either you clean house, or the whole house is dirty. You even had decades to watch what happened to the Catholic church and learned nothing, did nothing. And the job of a cop isn’t forgiveness; it isn’t grace. Even in 1995 you Boston PD scumbags didn’t have the same excuse as the Catholic church had, as completely unacceptable as that excuse may have been.

You in the Boston PD must be treated socially as if scumbags guilty of conspiracy to rape children, one and all, unless and until you become an organization that doesn’t give these foul gifts to rapists.

This isn’t overreaction. This isn’t emotion. This is the position we are in. This is the position you Boston PD scumbags have put us in: we know that SOME of you are supporting rape, but we don’t know WHICH of you are supporting rape. We have to protect ourselves, and that means that until we have some certainty not just that some of you are innocent, but which exact persons are innocent and why, we simply cannot trust you with power.

Eat shit, Boston PD. Each one of you eat a copper cauldron of shit.




  1. GerrardOfTitanServer says

    Power corrupts. If we learned about this one, that must mean that there are hundreds, thousands, more police departments that are just as bad.

    We must change the system to remove most of that power and especially to introduce personal accountability on cops (and prosecutors). Nothing else will do.

    We need to have extensive detailed published rules which include extensive detailed annotated examples of what constitutes acceptable vs non-acceptance use of force by cops, and we need violations to carry presumption of fault in court.

    Qualified immunity must go in its entirety.

    We need a system where cops can and will be brought to trial and vigorously prosecuted; I still favor letting the victim or friends and family of the victim hire an attorney of their choosing to be prosecutor (and letting such responsibility default tot eh government if they decline), like we used to in the common law system, but I’m open to other real alternatives to ensure that cops get vigorously prosecuted.

  2. DonDueed says

    The Boston PD has a long history of racism as well. I know, you’re shocked, shocked.

  3. publicola says

    Just when I thought Beantown was making progress by having a black woman as mayor,( even if pro-temp), this comes out. One step forward, three steps back.

  4. says

    You’d think that members of a profession that is widely regarded as being 100% bastards wouldn’t want to behave in ways which support the proposition that they’re 100% bastards.

    You’d think..

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