Vox and its advertisers are working overtime to find the perfect match

This… this just blew me away. I’ll let it speak for itself:

This is the perfect match.

ETA: Argh. The picture is showing up just fine in edit mode, but I can’t see it on the page here. I don’t know how many people this display bug might be affecting, but I’m going to try to fix it. Well, here’s a link anyway:



  1. blf says

    @3, Please note I’ve also removed all of the ?junk stuff afterwards. I didn’t specifically mention that as I did not check if it was significant (and have not bothered to check even now); it’s a fairly standard edit which only rarely(?) goes wrong. That junk is often either or both specific to one’s one browser or account; i.e., usually inappropriate to share. I am not saying that is the problem, but it is worth a try.

    In addition, make sure you are not logged-in to the site when copy-pasting the link. This may avoid the above-mentioned problem, but also helps to ensure people who do not have an account at the remote site, and/or are not logged-into the remote site, can see the image (or read the text, or whatever).

    Finally, does the full link I suggested work? It’s hard to debug with only partial information / replies.

  2. John Morales says

    Yes, yes. Easy enough to get the image.
    And that it’s separate from the content is a bonus; I don’t run ad-blockers as such (too crude), I just don’t whitelist ad-serving domains.

    I just don’t get its supposed significance. That is to say, the point of this post.

    It’s an ad, just like any other ad.

    And, obviously, this business of “matching” a wine to a food is just a personal preference at best, an affectation at worst.

  3. says

    [What I usually do with media is save and upload it locally, so the links are back to FTB. You can also do that by uploading it to the media library in the blog, then at the top of the uploaded image page it has a hard link to the underlying file; you can just put that in with an img src=”” tag.

    It’s good to cache your own copies of images because the underlying source can delete or change it.]

  4. says


    I actually try to do that, usually (and did so in this case), but I find I frequently get errors where WP simply won’t upload my image (and again, that happened in this case).

    If I knew what caused those errors & how to fix them, I wouldn’t be using links to discord. (That’s my go-to workaround, since I have a discord account & discord never fails to upload my images the way that WP does.)

  5. Robert Estrada says

    i have often wondered what all the costs of wars and preparedness/defense for war have cost over the last 200 years and what our world would be like if that amount had been redirected to education, healthcare and infrastructure/ development.

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