AOC liked this. I do too.




  1. says

    This isn’t the first powerful Eddie Glaude moment to go viral either. Most pundits on MSNBC are awful (they still book Bret Stephens, FFS), but Dr. Glaude is fantastic.

  2. Allison says

    “It’s easy for us to place it all on Donald Trump’s shoulders… This is us. And if we’re going to get past this we can’t blame it on him. He’s a manifestation of the ugliness that’s in us.”

    I’d go further: racism, hatred, greed, and violence have been an integral part of the USA from the beginning, and have been essential parts of many of the deeds that we in the USA have been taught to admire as heroic accomplishments.

    If you think of the people who, according to what we are taught, built the USA, most of them were a lot more like the Trump supporters than like today’s progressives.

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