Holy fuck! Georgia, have you always looked that hot & I’ve just been ignoring you for the first 90 minutes of the movie because you let your bangs hide your face? Because I totally want to take you to the prom now. Seriously. I know I was feeling all “fuck the prom, it’s stupid & I’m not going” for a minute there, but really, all of a sudden I feel like I’m over North Carolina. She was never right for me, but I guess you’ve known that since the beginning anyway.



  1. MattP (must mock his crappy brain) says

    Yep. Once again we have the Black community to thank for saving our collective asses. Would be doing even better with Gov. Abrams having official government powers to undo shitstain-usurper kemp’s damage to voter rolls and rights, instead of just voter registration drives and GOTV efforts. Knew there was a decent chance of Warnock getting to the runoff, but now even the second senate seat might be up for grabs which would be wonderful.

    At least there is a true paper trail this year with the newer machines and mail-in ballots. Older machines were touch screen with ballot saved to a card and no paper anywhere except maybe a printout with total vote numbers at the counting machine. Now we get a card to operate a touch screen machine to print out a single indisputably clean and clear filled-out paper ballot that gets scanned by another machine that stores all the paper ballots for recounts.

    Since Athens-Clarke county is still split across the middle into two very red districts, we are still stuck with hice and now clyde. I always thought “evolution…all that is lies straight from the pit of hell” broun was bad, but hice and clyde are even worse. Eight years later and my write-in for broun of “burning bag of dog shit” would still be far less damaging than any of the actual reps. Just light it up and leave its smoldering wreckage on the desk to abstain from all votes.

  2. anat says

    MattP, do you think Get Out The Vote efforts from out of the state will help with the Senate runoffS?

  3. MattP (must mock his crappy brain) says

    No idea how much out of state GOTV will help. There was never any question if I would be voting or for who, but still received multiple mailers almost every day for a few weeks prior to Nov 3. The stuff from the fascists just pissed me off and the occasional stuff from democrats was wasted money. The increase in calls from unknown numbers (unknown or spoofed locals, 800’s, and out-of-area) were another annoyance since I only pick up for known numbers, and only the dumbest scam robocallers left any sort of voicemail message that did not wait for the beep so lost most of the message (in some dialect of chinese, I think).

    The single most useful mailer I received was a single 3×5 postcard that simply listed all the local early polling locations and their schedules without pushing for any candidates, just voter engagement. I expect a similar non-partisan mailer for mail-in voting with the link to the official state voter page with directions on using that site to request absentee ballots and check the status of the absentee ballot would be similarly effective/useful. Most of the fascist stuff that wasn’t simply scare mongering / attack ads involved non-government hyperlinks to request your mail-in ballot which was sketchy enough to make my mom question her actual mail-in ballot when she received it. She did early voting in-person and ended up having to wait in an extra line just to have that absentee ballot she requested months ago invalidated before being able to vote in-person.

    Among other changes to state and federal electoral systems, I think the best thing would simply be to ban pasty men like me from voting for the next 50 years or so. Seems fair given all the restrictions we have been and continue placing on everyone else. Would prevent boomers from making things worse, and maybe teach the younger crackers the value of the right to vote. To quote one of my favorite movies: “You had your chance, Gorman.” Hoping we won’t have to “take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.”

  4. anat says

    I participated in the Vote Forward effort that mailed letters to encourage voting both among under-represented demographics and registered Democrats who are infrequent voters. Their mailers were along the lines of ‘hello, I’m Anat, I vote because , there is an important election coming up on November 3rd, I invite you to join me in voting, here is the official website with voting information for your state’. I think I’ll look them up again.

  5. anat says

    Yikes, it should be ‘hello, I’m Anat, I vote because (insert my reasons, worded in a positive and inclusive manner) , there is an important election coming up on November 3rd, I invite you to join me in voting, here is the official website with voting information for your state’.

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