It’s hard to appreciate just how evil US white culture can be

But this valentine can give one a clue.

Be careful about clicking through. This one gets ALL the trigger warnings.

Really, I’m trying to push it down low enough you’ll have to scroll so no one sees it accidentally.











But here goes:

A vaudeville / blackface figure is shown in a noose insisting that the figure

I hope this is the most horrible drawing ever created, but humans being humans, you can never be sure.


  1. johnson catman says

    That is pretty horrible. Do you know when that card was published? I hope you don’t tell me this year, but with all that has been happening, I shouldn’t be surprised if it was.

  2. Naglfar says

    That’s awful. The sad part is, something similar wouldn’t even look that out of place on an alt-right forum. Change the art style a little bit and it would fit right in on 4chan’s /pol/. We really haven’t moved forwards as much as many would like to think.

  3. M'thew says

    I’m sure I’ve seen this one before. Thought it was on WHTM, but the only thing I can find so quickly is this post from 2019. Lots of awful Valentine’s cards, but not this one.

    If you search this one on Google, lots of hits. I guess the alt right wouldn’t have a problem finding it…

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