Unintentional Humor: Codeword Trump

From an article on Raw Story, we get this information about the phone call from Trump to Zelenskyy:

A former Trump administration official has confirmed to Politico that White House did place transcripts into the codeword system.

After Trump made false claims about his conversations with Mexican and Australian leaders in 2017, someone from the White House leaked the official transcripts. After that was when the White House took the unusual step to block anyone from having access to the call transcripts, according to the former Trump official.

“I don’t think the person who leaked those was ever really discovered,” the former official told Politico. “So there was a decision to tighten the restrictions for those who had access to those transcripts.”

According to another former Trump National Security Official cited by Politico, “it would be unusual to put transcripts in the code word system.”

But according to the whistleblower, senior White House officials intervened to “‘lockdown’ all records” to try and get them out of the general access to anyone in the White House. They did so because “of the likelihood, in the officials’ retelling, that they had witnessed the president abuse his office for personal gain,” the whistleblower claimed.

… wait for it …

Typically the NSC’s codeword-level system only holds highly sensitive intelligence matters, so it is unusual that something with no intelligence would be put in the system.


Yeah, that’s pretty much the way to describe any Trump phone call, I guess. I don’t really know for sure that author Sarah K. Burris didn’t intend the humor here, but it if wasn’t unintentional, I imagine that maintaining at least plausible deniability was important. So we won’t here intimate that there’s any significant possibility that someone as respectable as Burris would resort to the cheap shots in which we here at Pervert Justice so routinely indulge.


  1. StevoR says

    Be hilarious if it wasn’t so awful and he didn’t have so much totally undeserved power.

    PS. As sure most folks here already know Trump is British slang for fart. Apt.

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