Searching for La Migra

Now of course some will say that you do not search for la migra, la migra searches for you. However, it is possible to put “la migra” into google, which among its links provides a helpful “People also ask…” section of natural language questions you might be trying to answer.

Search for "la migra" and google thinks you're trying to say - or at least understand - the phrase "chinga la migra".

Google search results for “la migra”.


What is “Chinga La Migra”? Classic.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    I put “chinga tu madre” into googletranslate spanish to japanese:
    あなた の お母さん と セックス して ください。
    anata no okasan to sekkusu shite kudasai
    this uses the polite form of “mother” because one would never discuss someone else’s mother without the honourific
    it is also phrased as a polite request
    “please do sex with your respected mother”
    Sometimes I think that Google Translate misses some cultural nuances.

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