Steve Bannon Engaged in Sex Robot Congress, But Pulls Out Early

I’m not sure which that headline evoked more: fun or emesis. Nonetheless, Bannon was engaged as a speaker for the 4th annual Sex & Love with Robots Congress or something like that. However, the notoriety of the event was costing Bannon other speaking gigs. Bannon will not now be speaking, and the entire “Congress” has been canceled. However, it has been suggested that Bannon pulled out even before the cancelation.

In any case, quite a number of people are now talking about this – frequently tittering as they do. One take is at RawStory.


  1. RationalismRules says

    The question that springs to mind is why Bannon as keynote speaker at a sex robots conference? My guess is it’s a market development strategy to get the incels’ attention.

  2. Curt Sampson says

    We may have been given a reprive from robot overlords and the singularity:

    Nothing will make sex robots self-aware and willing to kill us all more quickly than having one assigned to Steve Bannon. (@jermsguy)

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