Anti-Trans Texas: What They Didn’t Learn From North Carolina

Yet more anti-trans bathroom bills are now considered reasonable bets to become law, this time in Texas. Gov Greg Abbott has made a public declaration of support for (further) weaponizing bathrooms through state legislation. Two bills that had this potential have been kicking around Austin’s statehouse for the last few weeks, but the public support has not gone unnoticed.

In media coverage that was likely intentionally solicited, Abbott is reported as saying that the House version of Texas’ anti-trans attack bill is a

thoughtful proposal to make sure our children maintain privacy in our school bathrooms and locker rooms.

No word on how demanding panty-checks before a child is allowed to use the bathroom will protect privacy. No doubt Abbott has “thoughtfully considered” that issue and we’ll be hearing from him on that point soon.

If you have a strong stomach, you can read the local coverage in the Texas Tribune.


  1. Siobhan says

    Since these new laws are actually pre-empts of municipal discrimination laws, among the other minority statuses facing the loss of their explicit protection: Veterans, the pregnant, and the elderly. Now, they’re collateral rather than the intended target, and probably won’t be denied access to their public accommodations even so.

    “It doesn’t single out transgender people by name but that’s obviously what it’s intended,” she said. “The idea that this is some sort of compromise is pretty upsetting.”


    There’s your Republican “compromise.” If we can’t get what we originally wanted, we’ll take more.

    Line them up against the wall and shoot them.

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