Sunday funnies.

Twitter stream of 3 messages: 1. Rex Chapman: "Canada just announced the new Covid caccine to every Canadian who wants it – for free." 2. [Senator] Ted Cruz: "That's great. Just out of curiosity, which country was it that developed the vaccine? Wonder why. (3) March For Science: "Thanks for asking, Ted! The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was developed in Germany by a pair of immigrant scientists from Turkey."

Unwarranted smugness is a signature hallmark of conservatives, and is often as hilarious as it is baffling. But even within the Republican realm, Ted Cruz proves himself to be an exemplary case pretty much every time he opens his mouth.


Twitter stream of 2 messages 1. Representative Mike Loychik (@MikeLoychik), pictured as a white man standing in front of a U.S. flag: "The founders never intended for Washington DC to become a state." 2. from Michael Harriot (@michaelharriot), pictured as a black man: "They never intended for me to vote either, yet here we are."

Hahaha, good one Michael. But…are we here? Are we really, Michael? ‘Cuz Texas is most definitely NOT here. (Conservatives hate democracy, Exhibit No. 699,231,019,271.) Speaking of Texas…


Cartoon drawing of a highway roadblock in Texas, with a person dressed in a KKK hood and robe in a booth operating the entry gate. A sign atop the booth reads "WELCOME TO TEXAS. YOU MUST BE THIS WHITE TO VOTE" with an arrow pointing down to the KKK person.

I don’t understand why those KKK hoods and white robes aren’t banned in Texas. For one thing, they function like COVID masks, and could, at least potentially, stop Texans from spreading the deadly disease. What’s up with that? Second, how will be able to tell if someone is having an abortion under there huh?


Clipping of newsprint that appears to be a letter to the editor, titled "BE YOURSELF." text reads: "If you voted Republican because you fear socialism, then live your truth. Do not accept Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. Avoid public beaches, parks and libraries. Do not allow your children to attend tax-supported schools or take advantage of food programs. Drive only on toll roads. Do not call 911 unless you intend to pay for services rendered." signed (partially obscured) Alison R., North Miami Beach.

Also, anti-socialists should insist on paying a LOT more for their gas and oil, considering the US provides at least “$700bn a year in fossil fuel subsidies, equivalent to $2,180 for every American.” To be fair though, those numbers were calculated by those notorious commie pinkos over at the International Monetary Fund.


Twitter stream of 2 messages: 1. (Rep.) Liz Cheney: "Senate Democrats are blocking emergency reief for Americans suffering from our public health and economic crisis. Lives are on the line. Literally.  Quit Playing Politics and pass the bill.." 2. Erin The Non Vector Ryan: "It's a bad kleptocratic bill but apart from that I don't trust a person who rejected her sister for being gay to be an expert on what should and shouldn't be rejected."

Jeezus. Even Dick Cheney is supportive of his gay daughter. It takes a, uh, very special kind of person to be worse than Dick Cheney.


Image of Santa sitting with a laptop, text reads: "Santa has been reading your posts all year. Most of you are getting dictionaries." The word dictionaries is struck through and under it in hand-printing it says "Science textbooks."

LOL. Not that it will help. With conservatives prone to making up their own reality, books about actual reality are not going to end up anywhere but a bonfire.

Case in point:


Sarah Palin says she’s not vaccinated because she believes in the science. “I am one of those white, common sense conservatives,” Palin said. “I believe in science and I have not taken the shot.”


laugh cry emoji


And now for something completely different, via Good News Network.

Still image taken from video of two women wakling on a mirrored floor immersed in masses of dangling orchids.

A Floating Flower Garden in Tokyo Immerses Visitors With Orchids That Move as You Approach

A three-dimensional mass of floating flowers created by teamLab in Japan has been moving visitors not only with its technological magic, but with its overwhelming natural beauty.

In this work called Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One, people immerse themselves in the flowers, becoming one with the garden, says teamLab.

Open since July, the museum space is scented by the fragrance of 13,000 living orchids suspended from near-invisible wires.

They’re able to survive in mid-air because orchids are able to grow without soil, by absorbing water from the air.

The artwork space seems to be completely filled with flowers (especially because of the mirrored floor), but enter and pause, and the blossoms slowly rise to the ceiling whenever people approach, opening spaces previously concealed.

“The garden starts to make a space for humans… But they are moving super slowly, so you have to adjust your time to the garden’s,” reports CNN.

Founded in 2001 by Toshiyuki Inoko, teamLab is an art collective and interdisciplinary group of technologists who are blending art and science; technology and the natural world. The team includes artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, and architects.


Here’s a promo video:

Enjoy… well, something today. Otherwise, the terrorists win.


  1. Bruce says

    Liz Cheney says Senate Dems are blocking good bills. My understanding is that the good bills are being blocked in the Senate by 52 Senators, of whom only two call themselves Dems, and 50 call themselves to be in the party of one Liz Cheney. What should we think?!

  2. says

    I know it’s not the point but the wording of that Rex Chapman tweet makes it look like Canadians usually have to pay for our vaccines. Every year I get to walk into my local pharmacy and get a flu shot without having to take out my debit card. But then, he may be just getting that from the announcement, and if so then the announcement is even weirder because why would the Canadian government be emphasizing that to Canadians who already get our vaccinations with no out of pocket expenses? (Though I’m not sure about the specialized ones only required when traveling out of country.)