BREAKING: Me + my commenters = “truly sick @$$holes.”

O NOEZ! It seems my post yesterday alerting readers to the death of human-shaped shitbag Rush Limbaugh and announcing the immediate commencement of the traditional grave dancing has caused grave (<-hahaha) offense. And grave offense was taken not only at my post, but at your amusing comments too.

Yes, this morning at 9:42 EST, someone with the handle “Dakota Al”* (whose email address is took time out of her or his or their busy day to enlighten us all with this important information:

You people are truly sick. Good luck with your newly appointed dictatorship ….. assholes.

I just thought you should all know right away.

I think in response, I just want to reply with something I retweeted yesterday:

“how would YOU like it if Republicans celebrate when YOU die???”

If I live my life in such a way that Republicans celebrate my death I’ll have achieved success beyond my wildest dreams

I’ll just keep right on dancing as I eagerly await my marching instructions from my newly appointed dictator.

*Did I ever tell you about that one time I mailed actual coat hangers to every one of the Republicans (and some Dems) in the South Dakota state legislature who had just passed a statute outlawing all abortions? I included a personal note too, helpfully advising them to keep this very important tool handy for their wives, girlfriends, daughters, mistresses and/or themselves, because as anyone even slightly familiar with the abortion issue knows, outlawing abortions does nothing to stop them, it only maims and kills people who are pregnant and do not wish to be so. I signed off as The Coathanger Lobby. FUN TIMES.

But the whole thing was a time consuming and expensive undertaking, so I switched tactics. When I go for my annual pap smear, I have my gynecologist take a picture of my vaginal canal and cervix, so I can simply send the image as a courtesy to lawmakers and other conservatives who are inexplicably obsessed with what goes into and/or comes out of there. Surely they’ve been pleased to learn that my ladyjunk is in good working order.


  1. efogoto says

    “Good luck with your newly appointed dictatorship ….. assholes.”

    “appointed dictatorship”? Isn’t the dictator the one that appoints? And what has this to do with grave dancing? Finally, are you sure he wasn’t talking about “dictatorship … assholes” rather than “assholes” to whom he wished “Good luck”? That’s a whole lot of unclear communication in one sentence.

  2. blf says

    You people are truly sick. Good luck with your newly appointed dictatorship ….. assholes.

    An unusually insightful comment by someone who is an astute commentator, showing their extensive experience of inserting of vacuums into faeces delivery systems. (Probably a squirrel.)

  3. StonedRanger says

    Does this mean I have to take my tap shoes off? I love the tippity tappity sounds they makes when I dances on the graves of worthless pieces of shit. Just when I was having fun. Mumble grumble piss and moan. The fun police strike again.

  4. flexilis says

    I’m not much of a dancer, but at my age I have a very active bladder. Can I join the grave celebration too?

  5. L.Long says

    Stoneranger … Don’t tap dance on graves, it muffles the pretty sounds, Use the headstone, great sound and help you practice balance!!

  6. says

    I think the most important consideration with the tapdancing is that we coordinate time slots so as not to overlap said tapdancing with the Overactive Bladder celebrant(s) or with whatever WMDKitty is letting fly.