Photo mage of the face and shoulders of a Black woman, with text that reads: "There's a particular slap to the face of being told we can vote for abortion rights, by the court that GUTTED voting rights." - Ashley Nicole Black

You didn’t expect the conservative SCOTUS majority to be consistent, principled or even coherent, did you?



  1. Allison says

    Probably not a coincidence, but NPR ran a clip yesterday about Pat Maginnis.

    It seemed like a lot of people assumed that once the Roe vs. Wade decision came down, the war was over and they could all go home. Hey, Roe vs. Wade means Patriarchy is dead, right?

    Just like a lot of people (mostly privileged gay men) assumed that the war for LGBT rights, which they assumed was synonymous with same-sex marriage, was over and they could disband their LGBT advocacy organizations and go back to having wild Fire Island parties. (And griping about how all those other letters were co-opting “their” Gay Rights movement.)

    Well, as is becoming obvious to even the most intentionally clueless, Teh Patriarchy is still alive and it has come back stronger than ever for another round. Unfortunately, you never really win the war. At best, you win a few battles.

  2. moarscienceplz says

    @#1 (mostly privileged gay men)
    Yep, years ago I had neighbors, two gay, white (of course) men who just loved Ronald Reagan. Couldn’t stop talking about all the great things he did for California and for the USA. Funny thing is, when he and Nancy slammed the door in Rock Hudson’s face when he had AIDS, I never heard a word of that from them.

  3. says

    Allison & moarscienceplz: yep. I live in the gay Mecca of NYC’s West Village, and have run into conservative, white, gay men more times than I can count. One dude told me (me!) that he didn’t agree that women with children should work outside the home. His “reasoning,” if you will, was that he so fondly remembered things like his own mother waiting for him with a cup of hot chocolate when he came in from playing in the snow, and that every child deserved a mother like that at home.

    I wasn’t as bold or brash IRL then as I am now; today I might reply, “Obviously, having a mother like that has turned you into an entitled, patriarchal, misogynist, sexist asshole, with a sick, warped and inhumane view of women. I’m soooo glad you’re gay, so that no woman will ever suffer by having you as a partner.” Because FUCK HIM. Gay white men have white male privilege.

    Raging Bee, I suspect with a moment’s thought you’d know the answer to this! It’s the power, privilege and social supremacy of straight, white, able-bodied, Christian men.