Hissy Fit: When hate groups don’t get their way

A group of hypo-christians in Taiwan were to have a “prayer breakfast” with president Tsai Ing-wen (aka “Vegetable English”) for Friday morning.  Her time is short and she’s busy, so she was doing them a favour by agreeing to meet.  It is an annual event since 2001.

Their so-called theme for the breakfast was “love without borders”.  And yet the hypo-christians cancelled the “breakfast” on Wednesday after Ms. Tsai voiced public support for the upcoming pride parade on Saturday, October 31, and for the mass weddings in the Taiwan military on Friday, which included two same sex couples for the first time.

How petty, petulant, and peurile.

Taiwan Has ‘Brunch With Tsai’ After Her LGBT Support Angers Prayer Breakfast Organizers

The president’s breakfast date was canceled at the last minute over her support for the LGBT+ community. Taiwanese internet users weren’t having it.

Taiwan’s national prayer breakfast was set to have a theme of “love without borders.” It turned into a Twitter brunch festival after Taiwanese internet users proved more adept than event organizers at themed party planning.

Organizers canceled the annual event yesterday for the first time in 20 years after President Tsai Ing-wen made a Facebook post supportive of Taiwan’s LGBT+ community.

The group, jointly organized by Christian organizations in Taiwan, had sent a letter to Tsai requesting that she not attend the Friday breakfast due to the preparatory committee’s opposition to her stance on marriage equality.

[. . .]

Friday was supposed to kick off a weekend of celebration. Taiwan’s military held a mass wedding this morning, which included two female soldiers who married their civilian partners, the first time the annual army ceremony has featured same-sex couples.

Criminy, things got hectic these last two weeks.


  1. kestrel says

    The irony… makes my head explode. I’m so astounded I can’t even think of what their “theme” actually is: Love, but only people who are exactly like me, maybe.

  2. Jazzlet says

    “How petty, petulant, and peurile.”
    This, and stupid too, no politician is going to hold exactly the positions you do, if you meet them you could change their mind, by refusing to do so in such a public way you will likely have made them reluctant to consider your views on anything.