Blackguards Guard: Why does Derek Chauvin need a “whites only” detail?

The murderer Chauvin gets an all-white detail for his protection.  Or did he ask for and get all white guards so he doesn’t have to see any Black men?

Only White Officers Reportedly Allowed to Guard Ex-Cop Accused of Killing George Floyd

By Daniel Politi

June 21, 2020

Eight Minnesota corrections officers filed a discrimination lawsuit claiming they were forbidden from guarding—or even being on the same floor as—Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who has been charged with killing George Floyd, because they are not white. When Chauvin, who was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter in Floyd’s death, was brought to the Ramsey County jail on May 29, all minority officers were ordered to go to a separate floor. A supervisor told them that they would be a potential “liability” around Chauvin because of their race, according to the discrimination charges that were filed with the state’s Department of Human Rights and reviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

All the guards who were told to leave the fifth floor where Chauvin was going to be housed were people of color, and they were replaced with white officers, Bonnie Smith, the attorney representing the eight corrections officers, said. That decision “humiliated and debased” the affected officers, Smith said, noting that decisions on work should be “based on performance and behavior” rather than race.

There’s is a clear and racist implication being made: “Black jail guards wouldn’t be impartial and might pose a threat to a white criminal!”

Meanwhile, Black prisoners are regularly subjected to whites only guards.  And if they asked for Black only guards, they would likely be punished.