Shown For What He Is: The racist is an ex-cop

Did you hear about a 55 year old in England, a white male named Bryn Male who beaten up at a Black Lives Matter protest, and saved by one of the protesters?  He originally said he went there to “protect a statue”.  Or did he behave like a football hooligan (and went there with a group of Milwall football fans), hurling racist epithets and trying to incite fights with Black Lives Matter protesters?  He started it, they finished it?

It turns out that he is an ex-cop.  A racist ex-cop, now there’s a shock.  I’ll bet he was chanting “Oi!” as he went.

Man rescued by UK Black Lives Matter protester is ex-police officer

Ben Quinn

Thu 18 Jun 2020

The counter-protester carried to safety by a Black Lives Matter protester last weekend is a former officer at British Transport Police, the force has confirmed.

Bryn Male, who has yet to speak publicly about the events of the weekend that led to Patrick Hutchinson being hailed as a hero, worked in the London area for British Transport Police and was latterly a detective constable.

He retired from the force in September 2014, a spokesperson said.

Male, 55, has been identified as the man pictured clutching his bloodied head as he was carried over the shoulder of Hutchinson, a personal trainer in London.

A delivery driver living in Basingstoke, Hampshire, Male was among football supporters who had travelled to London on the day when BLM protests were due to take place. He is described as a Millwall FC fan on the website of a local village club where he volunteers.

A fellow member of the club said Male was “a patriotic Brit, England through and through”. He told the Daily Mail he had travelled to London to protect monuments after seeing graffiti.

I love the irony of it, a racist saved by the people he hates and went to confront with violence.  Just like the cop in the Louisville protected by BLM protesters, it proves who are the decent people and who are the violent criminals.



  1. Dunc says

    For those who don’t know, back in the day when organised football violence was at its height, Millwall had the unenviable reputation of being the worst of the worst. Their “supporters” would regularly fight running battles with the police and supporters of other clubs, terrorise bystanders, cause extensive property damage, and they had very well-known links with both organised crime and neo-fascist groups like Combat 18.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    … a 55 year old … was latterly a detective constable … retired from the force in September 2014 … A delivery driver …

    I don’t know about the social status or pay of a detective constable, but it sounds like Mr. Male took an effective demotion at about age 49, just as if the Transport Police found something rather unsatisfactory about his work with them. Hrrmmm…