Deliberately Chosen: Trump loves anniversaries as much as Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda was big on anniversaries, and preferred to carry out new terrorist attacks on the dates of prior attacks.  The 2004 Madrid Train Bombing (March 11) and the 2005 London Bombing (July 7) immediately come to mind.

It seems Cheetolini and his collection of criminals prefer to do the same things.  Except in their case, the terrorism is the intentional and direct provocation of of Black people by referencing prior terrorist acts perpetrated by white people.

Moving the “rally” from the June 19th to the 20th matters little.  The statement of intent was made: “we want it to happen again after the election”.

Trump delays Tulsa rally that had been planned for Juneteenth

June 13, 2020

By Phil Helsel

President Donald Trump on Friday night tweeted that he is rescheduling a Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally that was to take place on Juneteenth, which is the commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States.

Trump wrote that the rally would be moved a day, to June 20. Juneteenth is June 19.

[. . .]

Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said the decision to hold a rally there on June 19 “is disrespectful to the lives and community that was lost during the Tulsa race riot.”

A second planned “rally” for the rabble has been planned for August 27th, in Jacksonville, Florida.  “Axe Handle Saturday” happened sixty years ago, the kook klux klowns and others perpetrating unprovoked violence and corrupt cops supporting them by arresting those who helped the victims.  It sounds a lot like today.

Florida Historical Society: Ax Handle Saturday

Date in History: 27 Aug 1960

1960 – Ax Handle Saturday in Jacksonville occurred on this date. Black Sit-ins began two weeks earlier when students asked to be served at the segregated lunch counter at Woolworths, Morrison’s Cafeteria and other eateries in the city. They were denied service and kicked, spit at and addressed with racial slurs. This came to a head on “Ax Handle Saturday” when a group of 200 middle aged and older white men (allegedly some were also members of the Ku Klux Klan) gathered in Hemming Park armed with baseball bats and ax handles. They attacked the protesters conducting the sit-ins. The violence spread, and the white mob started attacking all African-Americans in sight. The “Boomerangs” (a black street gang) attempted to protect the demonstrators. Police, who had not intervened when the protesters were attacked, now became involved, arresting members of the Boomerangs and other black residents who attempted to stop the beatings. The events were reported on in Life Magazine and newspapers in Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami and New York. Reporters from the Jacksonville Times-Union and the Jacksonville Journal were not allowed to cover the events.

Doing this twice isn’t an accident nor is it tone deafness.  This is a deliberate dog whistle.

There is another anniversary I would like to see Cheetolini re-enact: the imprisonment of DC Stephenson (grand wizard of the kook klux klowns) in 1925.  His arrest, conviction and imprisonment led to the downfall of the kook klux klowns, a level of power they would never achieve again.  Cheeto deserves the same fate and punishment.