A TERF Turfed: Rowling is a three time loser this week

First time: Around May 19, JK Rowling (aka TERFling, aka Scowling) retweeted a hate filled, anti-Trans post by Fred Sargeant.  He is a cis white gay male who was around and part of the elimination of Transgender and non-white people from the New York pride parades in the early 1970s.

Second time: Nicola Spurling of Vancouver (former Green Party candidate and Transgender activist) posted an innocuous comment on twitter:  “Definitely something to keep a close eye on. In recent years, Rowling has made it clear that she can no longer be trusted around children.”  Being unhinged as only a TERF can be, TERFling and her overeager lawyers threatened Spurling into silence.

TERFling has made it clear opposes internationally recognized WPATH medical care for Transgender childre.  Given that TERFling does not have a PhD in pediatrics and has given Wakefield-level quality “advice” on Transgender kids, it could hardly be called libellous for Spurling to say TERFling is a danger to the health and welfare of Transgender children.

Third time: TERFling incompetently spat profanity filled anti-Trans hate speech in the direction of a nine year old child.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has continued her streak of endorsing anti-transgender speech, but this time the beloved writer has accidentally involved a nine-year-old girl in her prejudice.

Rowling has been retweeting children’s drawings of an upcoming character for a project she’s working on. But when she shared the girl’s sketch, she also included a line copied from an anti-transgender website that included the f-bomb and extremist rhetoric.

Did TERFling have another “senior moment”, as she calls it?  Was she tired when she wrote it?  Or was she perhaps feeling emotional after her bigotry was twice pointed out in a week?  (Those are questions, not accusations or statements.)