You Can’t Spell: “Lysol drinker” without Lysenko

The incompetence of Cheetolini’s regime is comparable to that of Nikita Khrushchev: the mass deaths, the Lysenkoism, the failed foreign policies.  The big difference between the coup in the USSR in 1964 and the US of today is that no one has the spine to do to Cheetolini what the Soviets did to Khrushchev.  No doubt Cheetolini, his cast of clowns and trumpkins would be ignorant enough to take that as a “threat of violence”.  From Politico, emphasis in the text is mine:

Bad state data hides coronavirus threat as Trump pushes reopening

Federal and state officials across the country have altered or hidden public health data crucial to tracking the coronavirus’ spread, hindering the ability to detect a surge of infections as President Donald Trump pushes the nation to reopen rapidly.

In at least a dozen states, health departments have inflated testing numbers or deflated death tallies by changing criteria for who counts as a coronavirus victim and what counts as a coronavirus test, according to reporting from POLITICO, other news outlets and the states’ own admissions. Some states have shifted the metrics for a “safe” reopening; Arizona sought to clamp down on bad news at one point by simply shuttering its pandemic modeling. About a third of the states aren’t even reporting hospital admission data — a big red flag for the resurgence of the virus.

The spotty data flow is particularly worrisome to public health officials trying to help Americans make decisions about safely venturing out. The lack of accurate and consistent Covid-19 data, coupled with the fact that the White House no longer has regular briefings where officials reinforce the need for ongoing social distancing, makes that task even harder.

New examples seem to sprout up daily. The District of Columbia this week became the latest jurisdiction to endure scrutiny, with the city using a “community spread” metric — excluding nursing homes, correctional facilities and others — as a justification for reopening the area.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds told reporters that the state will share information about outbreaks at meatpacking plants only upon request. And Georgia has only just begun to differentiate between the two types of coronavirus tests it’s been adding into its testing totals for weeks.

“All these stories about undercounts, overcounts, miscounts, are undermining our ability to deal with the pandemic,” said Irwin Redlener, a public health expert at Columbia University. The country, he said, is confronting an “unheard of level of chaos in the data, the protocols, the information.”

Originally the falsified numbers were likely to cover up the inherent racism of Cheetolini’s policy, i.e. causing the deaths of as many Black, People of Colour and poor as he could.  But now, like Khrushchev listening to Lysenko, Cheetolini and his sycophants (Birx is his Lysenko) think they can dictate reality from the white people’s house, that money will trump the disease.

In reality, he’s destroying the foundations of the entire economy and society and will end up in collapse.  But unlike the six times he went bankrupt before, there’s no one big enough to bail him out this time.  Not even the IMF or World Bank have that much.

Someone really needs to grow a spine and replicate the bloodless coup of 1964 while Cheetolini is golfing.  Compared to Cheetolini, Khrushchev was competent.