Wind Storms: Another week, another typhoon. Ho-hum.

Typhoon Mangkhut will make landfall around noon on Friday, September 14. It will most likely cross the northern half of Luzon Island and go straight to Hainan Island.  But it’s large enough that the southern half of Taiwan will get hit too, even if it doesn’t change direction. Speeds up to 60m/second (216km/h) are expected and its diametre approximately 600km.

I’m at the north end of Taiwan, almost 1000km away from the storm’s centre. It’s unlikely it will affect me, but that could change. Last weekend, the north end and the entire east side were battered by a rainstorm that caused flooding on streets in Taipei.

In 2011, the Centre for Disease Control created a “Zombie Emergency Preparedness” website (while zombies were still popular) as a humourous way to encourage people to think about emergency preparation.  Naturally, the far right gainsayed and flipped out about “libruls wasting money”, despite how little it would cost to produce a webpage, and the vast number of hits the page received.  It was likely one of their most efficient prmotional expenditures.

In 2018, the same people at the CDC have produced a 34 page comic novella about preparing for zombies. Would it surprise you that the far right aren’t whining out about “gubbinment waste!” now that Cheetolini is in power?  It’s a fun read, if you’re interested.
The CDC also plays it straight and has updated their Emergency Preparedness pages for typhoons in preparation for Florence.  (Or monsoons, or hurricanes, depending on where you live.)  But how many will pay attention?  How many will expect or demand that help?  How likely are they to get any help or aid after millions were siphoned off and sent to ICE, robbing Peter to pay Paul?  If white americans in the lower 48 think they’ll be treated better than Puerto Ricans or Black citizens in Houston and New Orleans, they’re in for a rude awakening.
Treehugger has also written their own advice for an Emergency Supply Kit.

How to build an emergency supply kit in a hurry

According to House Bill 819, it is illegal to discuss sea level rise in North Carolina. Legislators were worried that predictions about the effects of climate change would “result in immediate loss of property value, staggering insurance premiums, and limit development along the coast.” Meanwhile, as Hurricane Florence rolls in, there are worries that sea level rise will make the damage worse.