Time To Shut Down: Fox Nuisance of the World

Fox Nuisance lives down to its name again, displaying their standard racist policy.  But this time they made have gone too far, even for their own fake news.

Fox 4 Dallas has decided the police obstruction, cover up, undercharging of Amber Guyger for the murder of Botham Jean isn’t relevant or newsworthy.  It has decided that evidence of the crime in Jean’s home isn’t important (e.g. blood, bullet casings).

Instead, Fox 4 Dallas has decided that marijuana found in Jean’s apartment should be the lead topic of its “news”, an intentional act designed to smear the victim aind infer that “he deserved to die”.

Needless to say, the backlash has been immediate and strong, and not just from those you expect.  Openly racist rightwingnuts from Fox Nuisance and the Nationalist Review have chastised it.  Even NRA mouthpiece Dana Loesch has spoken out.

This is as appalling as News Of The World’s phone tapping scandal, and deserves the same result: Fox 4 Dallas should be shut down immediately and taken off the air.

Small wonder both sources of trash are run by Rupert Muckraker.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    This is as appalling as News Of The World’s phone tapping scandal

    Yeah, it’s a depressing race to the bottom. On the one hand you have journalists smearing a murder victim to imply he in some way deserved it, and on the other (lest we forget, or misremember the “phone tapping scandal” as being just about finding out who Hugh Grant was shagging) you have journalists hacking the voicemail of a murdered girl and deleting the messages her frantic parents had left for her, leading those parents to raise false hope she might still be alive. Even as I type it I can barely believe humans did that.