Fuccing Breakthru Cases

I have an online acquaintance I don’t know very well.  She’s been bitching about shitty family risking covid constantly – including a lady whose children have no father because of it.  My acquaintance got vaccinated and… currently has covid, surely from one of those family members.  Meeting at my workplace a week ago.  Guy says “I know three people fully vaxxed still that got covid,” boss says, “I keep hearing that at these meetings.”

Any luck and my acquaintance won’t so much as lose her sense of taste, though she’s about as old as me and it makes her more likely than the babes to come off of this scathed.  I told her I wouldn’t blame her for pistolwhipping a family member’s teeth out.  Motherfuckers got to know their limitations.

How are your vaxxed up people doing?


  1. Who Cares says

    Just as careful as when in a lockdown (which the government did put up again due to winter and less then 85% of the population vaccinated). I mean with Delta the vaccine still helps seeing that not vaccinating increases the likely hood of getting COVID 5x, but that still means I can get it. And it is great that if I get it I’m around 10x less likely to end up in the hospital but that doesn’t mean I won’t get the long term effects.
    That said mask wearing is still seen as something weird if you do it outside of the government mandates, it will take a time to get it to normalize like in Asia where people wear them if they think they are (getting) ill.

    Oh and I’m starting to reach the point where the original two jabs are starting to give reduced protection. WTH can’t the human body behave like the other viruses in the beta corona genus when it comes to COVID. People having had SARS or MERS still, as in 18 & 10 years later, give an of the scales antibody reaction to it. But no for this bloody virus it has to behave like it is an alpha genus and forget.

  2. StonedRanger says

    Im retired now and cant hardly get out of the house often enough to enjoy it because I dont want to catch covid. Yes I am vaccinated and going to get a booster when allowed. I haven’t had much interaction with my family, but that’s not due to covid, that’s just my usual family way. Im pretty sure they are all vaccinated too.

  3. says

    Cares – So the efficacy of a covid vaccine wears off with time? That is quite crappy news.

    Stoned – I’m also fortunate to have a less sociable family – in my case an archetypal “broken home.” No thanksgivings to mix it up, working from home, never go to church. If I catch covid in this state I’m gonna be pissed. It’s far from impossible, but I do have to get groceries, get medical care…

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