Disingenuous Concern

Somebody thinks I need to make a public statement of specific criticism against specific bloggers and commenters elsewhere on the network. Someone with the same last name as one of PZ’s obsessive haters, which of course could be a coincidence. Whether or not their feelings on those matters were genuine, the post is indistinguishable from a slyme pitter trying to start shit, and therefore this person has been added to my blocked list. Alongside, amusingly, the name of one of the people they wanted me to publicly rebuke.

I am allowed to choose my battles. If you think that’s a moral failing, that’s cool. Lots of other things for you to read on the internet. Goodbye.


  1. Great American Satan says

    I’m not approving any similar comments to the one I nuked, but I’ll answer a question asked in one: If I am on the Ethics Committee, should I not be a person to bring ethical concerns to?

    That’s a good question. We have a serious troll problem here, and while we did say in full honesty that we would like to be open to feedback regarding ethical concerns, as I’ve started to actually receive said feedback, I realize it is – thus far – functionally indistinguishable from the torrent of slimy games Freethought Blogs has received for years.

    I will add *that* issue to the slate of things we are discussing, because you are right that we should abide what we said and address ethical concerns brought to us, but even in being right about that, your comment rings alarm bells out the fucking wazoo. It’s so similar to the other one in tone and intent, it suggests you have outside communication with the Disingenuous Poster, or are a sock puppet of them.

    Not saying you are, but I have no way of knowing as it stands. I’ll work on that and let everyone know the conclusions I reach, in collaboration with others.

  2. Great American Satan says

    It sux u can only die once. I’ll see what my sched looks like + get back 2 u…

  3. Great American Satan says

    I have to say, pretty impressed by how some garbage humans have learned the language of social justice advocates. Good job there. As to people with genuine concerns, sorry that you’re indistinguishable from clever trashbags right now. That’s their fault, not yours.

  4. Great American Satan says

    That said, some garbage people think they are clever and hold their cards backwards. I can see your hand, and it ain’t shit.

  5. permanganater says

    Sorry to hear you are copping this grief, GAS. Are you able to let us know (broadly – without giving the trolls any oxygen) what sort of thing they’re peppering you with?

  6. Great American Satan says

    There are a few people I lean toward thinking are genuine in wanting FtB to be a safer place for SJ-inclined people and interpreted part of the Ethics Committee statement as meaning we’re going to make ourselves available for direct communication.

    Taking feedback is something we hadn’t made full consideration of, and at least one voice on the committee says No for reasons I’m not getting into. In fact, the current version of the ethics committee is only going to hash out the sexual harassment policy before disbanding and passing the torch on other issues. So if someone has real complaints, hunt around to see if there’s anyone you can reach out to individually on the topic.

    Presently, I’m having a mild slimewave that keeps me from being much help. Also keep in mind that A) This place is highly anarchic and atheism-oriented, network-wide rules and even principles are likely to be less inclusive of religious minorities and less heavy-handed than the most SJ-focused sites elsewhere on the www. I personally consider progressive theists situational allies, many people on the network won’t accept them at all.

    So if you’re for real and progressive and have an issue with how I conduct myself on this blog, holla. If you want something done with FtB as a whole, note what I’ve said so far, and also that the wheels on any decision making will turn EXTREMELY slow. We’ll probably have the sexual harassment policy this summer and nothing else to show for our efforts.

    So all that is for my few people who might be cool. In addition to them, I have an equal number of gross pitters who just want to trick me into posting some weird sideways or sarcastic screeds about how FtB is a bunch of hypocrites and tyrants and all the usual foolery. Nothing you can’t read at Pharyngula pretty often.

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