Jackson Wheat on misunderstanding multicellularity

Jackson Wheat has a new video answering Creation Ministries International’s claims that multicellularity is a problem for evolution. CMI’s strategy seems to be

  1. Bring up a topic in evolutionary biology
  2. Pretend that there haven’t been thousands of scientific papers published on that topic
  3. Make an argument from incredulity as if the question they’re asking hasn’t already been answered

Jackson does a great job tearing down CMI’s assertions one by one.


  1. rjdownard says

    Working with Jackson on “The Rocks Were There” book dismantling a quartet of AiG Answers books has been a delight, and needless to say this CMI/Doyle parasitism episode is alluded to in the book. What CMI did in their 2012 video is only a minor blip in a parade of stupid that runs bottom to top among them, including wholesale mangling of cited primary sources, and even instances of making up data or citing non-existent sources.

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