Very, very unified

Last week, I asked, “What do all these quotes have in common?“, including things like “Fucking moron,” “Just pathetic,” and “completely unhinged.” Well, no one guessed, so here’s a hint:

That’s right, they’re all from Republicans. A few date back to the primaries, where nastiness toward members of a candidate’s own party is expected, but by far the majority post-date President Trump’s inauguration. Go take a look, and tell me how unified the Republican Party really is.


  1. Ogvorbis: Swimming without a parachute. says

    The look on poor* McConnell’s face is priceless.

    * Yes, that is sarcasm. I have no sympathy for the leadership of the GOP. Trump is what they have been aiming for since the Reagan wing took over — governing (well, not governing) by perception, by demonization, by division, by fear. Trump is the exemplar of GOP tactics. And now, too late to do a fucking thing, McConnell and McCain, and other (too few others) GOP leaders are looking upon their creation, the GOP hard-line voter, with fear and loathing. Bannon understands, and caters to, the GOP voter far more than most of the GOP senators and representatives.

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