Volvox 2017 pictures

The Fourth International Volvox Meeting in St. Louis was everything I hoped. It was well organized, small enough to talk to everyone, and full of great talks. David Kirk was indeed there, briefly, though I failed to get a photo, and so was David Queller.

I thought I was pretty connected in the (relatively small) Volvox world, but there were several people there I’d never met and lots of research that was news to me. I’ll be blogging more about some of that research, but for now I’ll just share a few photos from the meeting.

Danforth Center

The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is the perfect setting for a movie with scientist working on super high-tech stuff.

Aurora Nedelcu, Brad Olson, and Erik Hanschen.

Aurora Nedelcu, Brad Olson, and Erik Hanschen having lunch outside the Danforth Center.

Noriko Ueki

Noriko Ueki takes a break between sessions.

Kimberly Chen

Kimberly Chen relaxing in one of the super-comfy chairs.


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