O Beautiful…

O beautiful for Christian views
Conjoining church and state
We’ll saturate the evening news
With ignorance and hate!
America! America!
Thy faithful know thy might!
Where all are free, so long as we
Are Christian, male and white!

O beautiful for city skies
With gleaming steeples filled
Where freedom’s golden eagle flies
And godless voices stilled!
America! America!
How great will be thy loss!
Thy honored flag is now a gag,
Thy symbol now a cross!

O beautiful for idiot’s words
Intended to divide
The people seen as brainless herds
With anger as their guide!
America! America!
Thy passions take control
The will of some shall overcome
The nation as a whole

I suppose, perhaps, we need one more verse. An optimistic one.

O beautiful for founders’ sight
With every power checked
‘Gainst roiling mob or leader’s might
We dissidence protect!
America! America!
Cacophonous and loud!
From diff’rence, make a bold mosaic
Of which we may be proud!

This one is actually from 5 years ago, when the issue was the proposed building of a mosque in Tennessee. I’ve changed a total of one line, and now it’s a comment on the handful of GOP presidential candidates hyperventilating about judicial overreach, tradition, respecting religious freedom, and that horrendous court ruling recognizing people as people.


  1. Johnny Vector says

    Digital Cuttlefish
    Cutting his footprint
    And being so green,

    Shrewdly recycles his
    (Best of the genre
    That I’ve ever seen!)

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