Sending The Little Petri Dishes Back To School

The President, a gormless ghoul,
Is sending children back to school
Where anyone (except that fool)
Can see what will result:
See, kids have always spread disease
They’ll bring a district to its knees
While Trump just tweets and tweets that he’s
Completely not at fault

We could have used the time we had
Delay the peak, and work like mad
So “back to school” could be… less bad
But Trump just wouldn’t see.
We moved too late, to start phase one
And ticked off guidelines (meeting none)
Phase two collapsed when just begun
So now let’s start phase three!

But just because you’re now allowed
To gather in a smallish crowd
And show the world you stand unbowed
That doesn’t mean it’s smart
It really isn’t much to ask
A simple, sane, and selfless task
Please, show the strength to wear a mask
And stay six feet apart!

We shake our heads and wonder why
Our “leaders” choose to live a lie
And huff and puff, while people die
(A truth that’s hard to swallow)
Our politicians, as a creed,
Refuse to do the things we need
But surely, if the people lead
The leaders then must follow.


  1. Cuttlefish says

    Wow—high praise indeed! It would appear that I am far less subtle, but I will try to take the compliment (I’m really not good at that) and do my best to live up to it.

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