I wish I could write a poem about her

But nothing rhymes with “perfect”.

This is why I don’t use rhyming dictionaries. Look at rhymezone.com, and ask for a rhyme for perfect. It gives you a bunch of them, and not a single one actually rhymes with “perfect”. Not one.

So you know I have standards.

And by my standards, she is perfect.

Eight perfect arms, two perfect feeding tentacles. Or maybe the human equivalent, I wasn’t really paying attention. I was distracted. By her absolute perfection.

Tomorrow, I might look at the news, and see why the world is all going to hell. Tonight, the world is perfect, and she is perfect, and I suspect so are a great many other new humans, and more than a few old humans as well, or if not perfect, at least worth fighting for.

Goddammit, now I’m crying.

Anyway. It is a very good day, today is.

I dare us all to make tomorrow a better one.


  1. Tethys says

    Congratulations! Grandspawn are delightful creatures, who become even more perfect as they grow.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Even more perfect, Tethys? How is such a thing possible???

    (it is, however, good to know!)

  3. chigau (違う) says

    Oh Wonderful News!
    Congratulations to the new Mom and Dad
    and all the other CuttleKin

  4. Cuttlefish says

    thank you, chigau–the CuttleKin are all very happy to be living in an age of instant sharing of high resolution photos!

  5. Tethys says

    How is such a thing possible???

    They learn to talk, and you get a new name.
    I am delighted to have grown-up to be Grummy.

  6. StevoR says

    Marvellous news. Congratulations and let’s all please make the world an ever better place for all the new ones and ourselves as well.

    Which, I know so many of us here are already working on doing and thankyou for that.

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