Bigots Are The Real Victims Here…

He believes in “Love thy neighbor”
So he isn’t filled with hate
He just wishes he were living
In a segregated state;
He displays the Rebel banner
On the bumper of his car
But to call the man a bigot?
Now you’ve gone a step too far!

He believes a proper marriage
Has a husband and a wife
He says gays aren’t truly humans
(and he’s said it all his life)
It’s his right to treat them differently,
Like animals, like dirt—
But you mustn’t call him “bigot”
Cos his feelings might get hurt!

He isn’t anti-black or brown,
(He claims he isn’t, quite)
He isn’t anti-anything,
He’s really just pro-white.
Pro-white, pro-male, pro-Christian,
Cos they’re bullied groups, that’s why…
So please don’t call him “bigot”
Or I think he’s gonna cry.

In the tradition of “Won’t somebody think of the rich and the powerful?“, we are being asked to consider the effect recent court rulings (as well as anti traitor-flag activism) will have on that most put-upon of groups, the well-intentioned bigots. I mean, they won’t be able to rant about marriage, or about the stars and bars, or about pretty much any long-cherished element of their culture without being labeled a bigot, which just isn’t fair. I mean, being called a bigot is right up there with death threats, church burnings, and legal non-recognition of your rights.


  1. John Morales says

    Cuttlefish, yes… but this concedes that, in some sense, they really feel victimised, whatever the merits of that feeling’s basis. And feelings are real.

    Also, it’s not a cargo-cult appropriation of certain strategies, but more an appropriation, however mockable.

  2. Chris J says

    If you hear a voice declaring
    That you’re bullied and oppressed,
    If you’re cut-off from the real world,
    Fantasy will do the rest.

    You will see their angry faces,
    Hear them pounding at your doors.
    You’ll get lost in paranoia,
    Even if the voice is yours.

  3. StevoR says

    @ ChrisJ : That and the opening poem here were both spot on and well writ. Thanks.

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