The Rainbow-Striped Banner

Oh say, did you see?
It was wonderful news!
Recognition of rights
That had seemed so elusive.
Did you see the broad stripes
In a rainbow of hues
As a symbol of love
That is now all-inclusive

And the folks at Fox News
Were all singing the blues
As it gradually dawned
That the bigots would lose!

Oh say does that bright rainbow banner yet wave
Oe’r a land that’s more free, and a home that’s more brave?

So… Since the end of May, I’ve been taking an online course. I’m back… what’d I miss?

As for the post… We here at the Digital Cuttlefish have been writing about marriage equality for years now (seriously, just take a look at the “marriage” tag–I think the first is from New Years Day 2008!), and I am happy to say that there are at least a dozen or so verses that are now hopelessly obsolete.

Speaking of obsolete, I may need a bit of practice. I’ve gotten quite rusty; I used to literally dream in verse, and now it’s feeling a bit like pulling teeth. Practice, practice, practice! (is what I am out of)


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