Looking fabulous!

Ok as I’ve mentioned I have reservations about people talking about trans women purely in terms of (a familiar, approved, acceptable, what you might call cisnormative form of) beauty, not least because I think it puts yet more burden on trans women who can’t or don’t want to attain that form of beauty. People on Facebook are saying I’m the worst kind of TERF  as a result. But there are other contexts in which “you are GORGEOUS” seem right even to me.

This tweet by Kadar Sheikhmous gives one such context.

Kurdish women remove dark dress after fleeing #isis west Tel Abyad nr #Kobani.

Oh yeah. That is gorgeous.


  1. StevoR says

    That’s freedom in all its glory.
    We can see you now
    Because we are allowed to
    And you are allowed to
    And you are wonderful and free and proud.
    Now you can breathe,
    Now you can be
    So good to see.

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