Today’s lesson in irony

There’s a woman in South Dakota, Annette Bosworth, who is hoping to be a Republican candidate for the Senate. She has a campaign page on Facebook. On it she posted this attractive item:

Photo: More dishonest attacks from the left. We are being attacked by a far left wing group. Please help us get our message out by making a contribution today.

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Subtle, the comparison to animals, isn’t it.

The post shows 61,789 shares at the moment. There are a lot of hostile comments, so many of those shares must be of the “do you believe this bullshit?” variety.


  1. captainahags says

    Funny that the USDA also gives billions of dollars to corporate farms, and yet there’s no equivalent clamor to get rid of that.

  2. Blanche Quizno says

    Even RIck Santorum admits that the Republicans care less about the poor than the Democrats do. Not that the Democrats have shown much love for the poor lately or anything like that…

    “Do Republicans really care less about the person at the bottom of the ladder than Democrats do? To be painfully honest, I would have to say in some ways ‘yes,”’ Santorum writes in his new book out Monday…

    And from Rand Paul:

    Though he acknowledged communities ultimately are responsible for creating social warnings about unwanted pregnancies, he pondered a possible approach by the government, according to the report.

    “You know, but we have to teach our kids that,” Paul said. “But some of that’s sort of some tough love too. Maybe we have to say, ‘Enough’s enough, you shouldn’t be having kids after a certain amount.’ I don’t know how you do all that, because then it’s tough to tell a woman with four kids that (if) she’s got a fifth kid, we’re not going to give her any more money.”

    Stupid poor children dying of malnutrition! It’s all your single mother’s fault!!

  3. Silentbob says

    Well at least if she gets burgled or mugged she can console herself that it’s just the poor folk learning to be foragers and predators.

  4. says

    Uh, was that really the Department of the Interior’s reason? Come on, now.

    It’s more like: Every creature wants to spend the least amount of energy to obtain the food they need. If they get the idea that you and your dumpster are an easy way to get a meal, it may not go so well for you.

  5. denaturesd says

    Bosworth has also been accused of failing to pay former employees and a campaign firm, taking money for a land raffle and then not awarding the land, submitting inaccurate information on medicaid forms, having more campaign debt than cash on hand, and submitting notarized campaign petitions she collected but was out of the state during the time period.

  6. says

    Empathy-challenged, bog-standard GOP-issue in South Dakota; SHAME on this pathetic human being. It has been pointed out to me that she is not the only politician to have done this in recent times. While that may be true, I had honestly – and it seems, foolishly – expected a physician, especially someone who claims to have fought against government injustice in her personal and professional life, to have more empathy and consideration for the less fortunate amongst us. In her public positions, speeches and website, Bosworth godbots quite frequently. Is this an example of WWJD?

  7. says

    There are a lot of poor hard working farmers/ranchers in SD that rely on things like the SNAP program to get by. All of these people vote Republican.

  8. iknklast says

    Of course, another important reason not to feed the animals is that human food is very often not good for them. The same cannot be said for the poor, who are definitely helped by the provision of human food.

    I was on food stamps for several years when I was struggling to survive. I am now working for a good salary, having finished my graduate education. My son, who was the chief cause of my needing food stamps, is working and producing for society as well. Clearly giving us food stamps reduced our ability and desire to provide for ourselves.

    The other thing no one mentions is how good those food stamps are for corporate farmers (a favorite subsidy of both Republican and Democrats alike). It increases the number of people buying the food they produce.

  9. says

    Subtle, the comparison to animals, isn’t it.

    Not to mention the hypocrisy and contradiction.

    When science says humans are animals, the religious are up in arms about it. When the far right talk about the poor, equating humans to animals is “acceptable” in their minds. Or maybe they’re just calling the poor “subhuman”.

  10. TheOtherOne says

    Something about feeding the poor and hungry that guy Jesus was saying … I never did trust that long haired hippie freak.

  11. says

    Even if you take the offensive and insensitive “humans down on their luck=wildlife” comparison as valid, if you look at what we actually do with wildlife you find you don’t have that simple, and simplistic, attitude. Our governments, both state and federal, sometimes do supplemental feeding with wildlife to get them past difficult times. And even the arguments against doing so don’t help this (monstrous) comparison, because they say that instead we should provide the wildlife with high quality habitat. That costs money too. If someone suggested we not provide food stamps but instead provide high quality environment (plentiful jobs that pay well for everyone; a reasonable — ie. approx $15/hr or more — minimum wage; subsidized daycare, etc.) they could do the “humans down on their luck=wildlife” comparison without being so disgustingly horrid. But better would be providing that high quality environment plus “supplemental feeding” to get people over the hump when needed.

  12. wannabe says

    Or as now, when there are too many of any particular species the state Department of Fish and Game can declare a hunting season.

    Hunting permits would have to be priced high enough that the “game” couldn’t legally shoot back.

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