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It creeps me out to do this because it’s so me me me but Melody says it helps so I’m doing it anyway. If you’re planning to go to Women in Secularism 3 but haven’t gotten around to registering you should do it today if you want the chance to win a signed copy of Why Truth Matters.

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  1. Blanche Quizno says

    Ophelia, have you been covering what’s been going on over in Central African Republic?

    We’ve got to get rid of these intolerant religions, but the way to do it is not oppression or persecution. No, we need to assist these developing nations in getting a proper infrastructure established, so that they can develop stable, prosperous economies. Every country should have a proper justice system, with fair laws that apply to everyone. Freedom of religion must be enshrined in law, along with the right to be free FROM religion. Economic safety nets for the most vulnerable citizens are a must.

    But most of all, everyone needs a proper education, especially science education. Simply teaching people enough about how the world works that they can have a rational alternative to superstitions and the supernatural as explanations is a great initial step; indeed, this alone produces extraordinary rates of apostasy.

    Outgrowing these intolerant religions is literally a matter of life and death.

  2. says

    Blanche, only once so far. You’re right, I need to do more. (I wouldn’t call it “covering” really – it’s more a matter of sharing and commenting. I share the coverage of journalists who are there.)

    I gotta say the Washington Times is one of my least favorite sources, right up there with the UK Daily Mail.

  3. Blanche Quizno says

    What’s left? The Wall Street Journal’s been bought. The Washington Times likewise. The New York TImes? Is that the last independent news source? What sources do we have now that haven’t been bought by the fascist corporate fatcats who want to limit our access to real information??

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