Transgress their vile norms

Maryam is annoyed by channel 4’s “provocative” call to prayer during Ramadan.

What about all the Muslims (and ex-Muslims) who can’t stand to hear the call to prayers? or who don’t fast during Ramadan? There is a movement of eating during Ramadan as a way of challenging laws that make it an offence to eat in public. Here’s one example of people being arrested for “inciting public eating during Ramadan” but of course none of these will be shown on Channel 4.

Rather than being provocative, Channel 4 is feeding into the narrative that all Muslims are religious and conservative and fast during Ramadan. Something Islamists insist upon thereby justifying their attacks on those who refuse to fast or transgress their vile norms.

It’s also not really “provocative” to support an institution that already has massive, unaccountable, fundamentally authoritarian power. Religions don’t need help; it’s the victims of religion who need help.


  1. grumpyoldfart says

    Religious leaders are control freaks and they will never ever stop making outrageous demands of their flock. No matter how much control they have, they will always try to get a little bit more – and then a little bit more…

    One day the Muslim hoi-poloi will decide to fight back, but it will be too late. Their society will be beyond repair.

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