Boko haram and murder halal

Horrifying news from Nigeria – Mamudo, in Yobe state, in the north. At least 29 students and a teacher killed in an attack on a school; some of the victims were burned alive.

A reporter from the Associated Press found chaotic scenes at the hospital in nearby Potiskum, where traumatised parents struggled to identify their children among the charred bodies and gunshot victims.

Survivors said suspected militants arrived with containers full of fuel and set fire to the school.

Some pupils were burned alive, others were shot as they tried to flee.

Another message from a god of hatred, no doubt.


  1. Stevarious, Public Health Problem says

    Islam. Religious of peace, love, and burning children alive.

  2. says

    Boko Haram is hell-bent on achieving an Islamic state, and it will do whatever it takes to achieve Allah’s wishes. ‘Religion of peace’ be-damned. I believe that Nigeria has a history of spawning groups similar to Boko Haram.

    I wonder is the group infiltrated by outsiders?

    What awful deaths the students suffered at the hands of the barbarians.

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