Hanifa Safi killed by a bomb attached to her car

The BBC:

A prominent female Afghan politician has been killed in a bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan, officials say.

Hanifa Safi died after a bomb attached to her car exploded as she left her home in Laghman province. Her husband and daughter were injured.

As the provincial head of the Afghan ministry of women’s affairs, Safi had for years been a leading advocate of fair treatment for women.

She had been known locally for going out without her head covered.



  1. dzd says

    Another interesting choice of words. Clearly this is an assassination, but they go for the much more neutral “killed” here, as if she had just happened to have been nearby when the bomb exploded.

  2. Your Name's not Bruce? says

    It’s appalling that there are people in the world who are really determined to make their countries (or keep them) backwaters of ignorance and brutality. I’m amazed that they refuse to see that keeping women subservient and oppressed does not make the world a better place for anybody, even themselves. I’m not a violent person or someone who makes a habit of wishing violence on others, but sometimes it’s very difficult. Can the fuckers who do shit like this learn not to? Can they become decent human beings and not kill women? Of course people who do things like this probably think of themselves as “decent human beings”. I hope we can learn to stop manufacturing people like this. Soon.

    Oh, yes, and I’ll bet that they think they are acting on behalf of a god.

  3. F says

    More brave men taking on a dangerous woman. See how brave they were? And righteous. Let’s not forget their righteousness.

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