Next (that is, this next, approaching, this year) November 30 to December 2 is Eschaton 2012, in Ottawa, presented by the Centre for Inquiry Ottawa. Look who will be speakers!

and more to come….

Eric! Udo! Crommunist, PZ, Larry Moran, Genie Scott. Good eh? I didn’t know Eric and Udo were going, so I’m excited.


  1. Kels says

    Crommunist tempted me with this earlier, now I guess I have to find a way to afford it. It’s not like I’d have to travel for it.

  2. says

    Yikes. This post seems to have inspired Jeremy’s latest #FTBullies tweet –

    The #FTBullies Apocalypse: Undereducated, over-indulged & coming to a conference venue near you. #beafraid

    Zing. Very true; I have zero advanced degrees; I’m totes undereducated. But the jeer is odd coming from a guy who once called me “elitist” for using the word “quotidian.” Also, on another occasion, for quoting a line from Lucretius.

  3. jenniferphillips says

    Yuck (re: Ophelia @ #5)! Of course, Jeremy always has precisely the right amount of education and eruditeness for *any* occasion. How I envy him.

    I also note on Twitter that Surly Amy is getting some meatspace shit at TAM right now for…I don’t know what exactly. Showing up? Not bringing more women along with her? Not wearing a snarky t-shirt? Not burning Rebecca in effigy at the front entrance?


  4. says

    Yes, I saw that too, and did my best to send Amy some love. I also got in a brawl with someone I met at Women in Secularism, an attendee – who’s at TAM and had done a TAM tweet saying she’s a feminist not a Watsonist.

    Farking hell. I liked her when we met! She’s an ex-Muslim type, and I connected her with like-minded people on Twitter, such as Alom Shaha and Billoislove. But it turns out she thinks there’s such a thing as a “Watsonist.”

  5. says

    You’re totally uneducated. Unlike people who have advanced degrees in scientific fields like Banachek, Evan Bernstein, Robert Blaskiewicz, Bryan Bonner & Matthew Baxter, Kelly Carlin, Hai-Ting Chinn, Miranda Celeste Hale, Sean Faircloth, Julia Galef, D. J. Grothe… starting to see a pattern yet?

  6. says

    Well Miranda has an MA in English and I have no advanced degrees at all, which I’m pretty sure was Jeremy’s point – why is CFI Ottawa inviting an undereducated, over-indulged pig like me to a conference.

  7. says

    Really? I’m kind of excited about going there, but then I get excited about going almost anywhere. (Las Vegas was a tough one though, I gotta say. To me that’s Valley of the Dolls.) I managed to find Orlando kind of exciting, even though I never left the airport.

    I wish you’d go anyway. Grumble.

  8. says

    Ottawa? Creepy? Really? I can’t see it.

    I’m sorry to say that the end of November is probably the worst time for visiting. You miss out totally on the beauty of spring and summer, on the fall colour display, on winter lights and skating on the canal. It will likely be too chilly to do much walking around sight seeing (especially for those used to a milder climate). Still, even so, it’ll be worth the trip. The hotel isn’t very far from the Museum of Nature, Parliament Hill, or even the National Art Gallery.

  9. says

    I must say that I have never heard anyone call Ottawa “creepy”.

    Anyway, as Ibis3 points out, there are a bunch of great tourist attractions near the conference venue, including the newly renovated Museum of Nature ( which is just a few blocks from the hotel. As a matter of fact, the Museum of Nature is the site of our Saturday evening gala, which features a talk by PZ Myers, followed by social activities including access to some of the galleries.

    Earlybird registration is open now: For those with limited funds but available time, we have opportunities for volunteers to work at the conference – email for more information.

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