And all I got was this stupid T shirt

Really, J C Penney? Really?


What the hell is that, skool for future “Sex and the City” airheads? A scheme to make all women as empty-headed as the “real” “housewives” of New York/New Jersey/Hollywood/Las Vegas/Miami/Topeka? Or just a calculated insult to women in general?

They’ve withdrawn the T shirt now, thank you for small favors, but why did they come up with it in the first place? What next? A funny-haha girls’ T shirt saying “I’m too stupid to do homework so I’ll just go to work at J C Penney when I grow up?”


  1. says

    For the last year, Target has had a great line of girls’ t-shirts that say things like “Play like a girl. Win.” and “You *wish* you played like a girl.” I love them!

    This shirt, however…well, I have lots of words, but they’re not suitable to repeat in public.

  2. julian says

    I think it’s a similar attitude behind the ‘I’ll be nicer when you’re smarter’ t-shirts. It’s supposed to make ‘girliness’ more assertive and make young girls feel good and more confident about being a girl (and not a smelly boy). Which would be fine if they weren’t reinforcing bad behavior and old stereotypes in the process. Way to common when people try to be pro-‘insert disenfranchised group.’

    Like the million and one idiotic Christian themed clothing that tries to reinforce obedience to the Bible, I won’t miss this being off the shelves.

  3. Chris says

    When you think about it, this is a very disturbing t-shirt. Why does her apparent attractiveness make her BROTHER do her homework? Is this a creepy subtext, or is it just me?

    As a brother, I would have laughed and laughed had my sister demanded I do her homework.

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