A better butterfly

The wheels are in motion (or do I mean they’re turning, or grinding? I want to get my clichés right, here) and I’m just about ready to start posting at the Freethought B&W. Once the banner is in place I think that will do it.

Josh fixed up my avatar, so it’s more elegant now. Less sloppy and less sparkly, both.


  1. Mike says

    Ophelia, have Ed or someone who is in charge in here to get B&W on Freethought Blogs main page. Yours is not the only blog that IS hosted on Freethought, but IS NOT visible on the main page or in the blog list.

  2. Mike says

    Yep, that’s what I said. Some of the blogs have been here for some time now and they are still missing from the main page. Either it’s some kind of a bug or someone forgot to put’em there.

  3. butterfliesandwheels says

    I think maybe their (our) official debut is September 1. Probably after that we’ll be on the front page. If not I’ll ask Ed about it. (I don’t want to start banging on the table the second I walk in.)

  4. daveau says

    One stop shopping! Greta Christina is joining tomorrow, so almost all my daily favorites are in one place. Except for WEIT. But he wouldn’t come anyhow, since this is Freethought Blogs, not Freethought Websites.

    Congrats on the move! Hope it’s as good for you as it will be for us.

  5. Josh Slocum says

    Congratulations on your new digs, O!

    May I meekly suggest nested comments are not a good thing?

  6. Philip Legge says

    Well, it’s September 1, right where I am, so welcome to FreeThoughtBlogs! Huzzah!

  7. butterfliesandwheels says

    Sure you may Josh. I take it Sili is of the same mind. I’m more ambivalent. I know things get unwieldy when there are long discussions, but then again, it saves all that @ tedium, and all those comments where people quote something that was just said immediately above.

    ………Is it worse than I think?

  8. says

    I’m not a big fan of nested comments. I think they fragment the conversation, and unless you allow unlimited nesting (which means you have to hide comments below a certain depth or it’s just completely unreadable) you end up with the un-nested situation eventually once you reach the maximum depth.

    Unfortunately, nesting is the default in wordpress now, and I forgot to turn it off for the new B&W. I still could change it, but it might mess with the order of comments in existing posts. Maybe we should have a vote.

  9. butterfliesandwheels says

    Being ambivalent, I’ll go with either one. I don’t think it would be too disastrous to mess up the order at this stage.

  10. Josh Slocum says

    Ophelia –

    The reason I don’t like nested comments is that they make it intensely frustrating to find newer responses when you return to a post. One has to hunt through the ever-narrowing column and try to remember “Did X say that already, or is it a new reply?” That has made WEIT, for example, literally unreadable for me. I will not return to an article there because it’s just crazy-making.

    Places like yours are at least as enjoyable for the quality of discussion as for the initial posts. Being able to see new responses at the bottom of the page is really important to a reader like me. When I saw the nested comments my stomach lurched; “Oh no. . . my favorite blog? Really?”

    Signing up to get new comments to one’s inbox isn’t the answer, either. Sometimes there’s just too much email; sometimes you just don’t want to subscribe.

    Thanks for considering this.

  11. says

    Losing the numbered comments is kind of a bummer, but those can be problematic too — for example, when a comment gets deleted or when there’s a delay in approving a comment, and everything after it gets renumbered.

  12. Ophelia Benson says

    The Josh Cabal is a good one (I’m sure Josh Leach would agree) so thass cool. Plus I know what Josh S means…I half-liked being able to track particular sub-discussions at WEIT but I also got tired of having to sort through them.

    Be it so.

  13. Josh Slocum says

    Thank you, Josh and Ophelia!

    Speaking of Josh cabals, there are almost always three or four of us at any dinner party I go to. What a glut of Joshes there are among us boys born in the 70s. And my mom thought she was being original.

  14. magistramarla says

    Hi Ophelia,
    I’m glad to see your blog here. I’ve been a long-time reader and commenter at Pharyngula.
    I’ve had an article from your blog bookmarked for a long time, entitled “Why having chronic illness hasn’t turned me to god” by Amy Clare from about a year ago.
    I have several autoimmune diseases and I’m quite disabled.
    Amy’s article was and still is quite an inspiration to me.
    Would it be possible to bump it up from your archives?
    There is some interest in chronic illnesses right now thanks to Venus Williams being diagnosed with Sjogren’s (one of my diseases).
    Thanks for joining FTB!

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