Notes on selective white outrage

Madelaine Hanson has some notes on the UK’s far-right and their “Muslims arr commin for arr wimmin!” trope.

Anyway, when there were (and there was) thousands of other rape, abuse, sexual violence and stalking cases committed by white guys against ‘our women’, Lo! Tommy Robinson was nowhere to be seen. Nor was any other outraged white right wingers. Because, if you hadn’t noticed, the crime isn’t abusing women, it’s being a muslim and abusing a white woman. In fact I’d go further than that, it’s being a foreigner/non-white and abusing a white woman. It stinks of racism and reminds me of the lynching of black men who touched white women in the South.

They (the far white-right patriots) use ‘muslim’ as an ideological cover for their xenophobia. Controversially, I’d argue that some of their criticism of Islam, Islamists and indeed South Asian/Arab cultural misogyny isn’t completely wrong, but their motives for it come from completely the wrong place. It doesn’t come from a desire for an end to honour killings, acid attacks and female slavery, it comes from very angry, very racist hatred of the ‘other’. They don’t argue for stricter punishment for acid attackers, they argue for the deportation of Pakistanis. They don’t argue for Salafi women to be given police protection from abusive family/spouses after leaving abusive marriages, they argue for hanging to be brought back in relation to Islamic murders. They don’t argue for longer sentences for child groomers, just for less immigration from Central Asia. It’s transparent.

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  1. says

    Yup. I’ve seen people who normally shut out any talk about rape culture suddenly start using those words when they’re trying to stir up fear of Muslims.

    I’m sure there are those who are buying it, but nobody who talks about rape culture with sincerity and regularity is falling for their disingenuous crap.

  2. says

    The fear of another tribe coming after the women of your tribe does seem to be so deeply wired in human culture… We should be more like bonobos.

  3. secondtofirstworld says

    I’ve looked up opinions about the Child Victims Act of 2017, which the state of New York failed to pass, and since the lobby to have it quashed includes the Boy Scouts and the Catholic church, I was expecting to see a lot of men’s right activists crying out, that the numerous male victims have their voices silenced.

    Unless Google runs a massive algorithm manipulation, though I doubt that, most sites talk about Sam Bee talking about it, others discuss the legal history itself. My point is, that in both cases these reactionary movements don’t actually stand for something, just against something popular, so I wasn’t actually surprised, that antifeminists haven’t said a word about these things.