Self care Saturday, May 6: Anarchist snark is the best snark


Alas, some variety of sportsball thing is going well in my city, and as a result the sportsbros have been out in force for a month. They’re honking at everything. Posting shit I don’t understand. Somebody asked me if I saw “the game” and didn’t believe me when I said no, utterly baffled that their tribalistic ritual worship of a piece of rubber is not a universal hobby.

I don’t understand why they have to drag the whole city into it though. Honking repeatedly, late at night? I know that’s breaking several bylaws.

I just want my sleep. And for sportsbros to stop talking to me. Whats-his-name did the sport? “Our” team sportsed harder? Good for them. I don’t see what you have to do with it.

bah humbug



  1. chigau (違う) says

    It’s almost over.
    There can’t be more than a half dozen games left.

  2. says

    “our team sportsed harder” – that’s a good one.

    When people ask me “did you see the game” I usually say, “no, nobody paid me.”

    I also sometimes like to point out that their heroes almost certainly would not give them the time of day, or piss on them if they were on fire, so why are they so impressed?

  3. =8)-DX says

    Round here when they’ve seen the sportspeople sports real hard, they break car windows, yell incoherently, get further drunk and have the local police all hot tying up the loose ends. But I’m in a quiet small town, we manage…