Cuttlefishian Ode to Trump

The media will dance
give credence to both sides
But one of them’s got nothing
just air and empty minds

He’ll send the tanks, bomb the bad guys,
use a stick to beat a bush
She’ll catch pneumonia, miss an email,
add some weight on her tush

Trump cares, you see,
about the issues of import
Just sign here, dotted line,
to pledge away support

Don’t read the fine print,
that text will send you reeling
Don’t name him deplorable,
or you’ll hurt his fucking feelings

It was 1932,
When we hoped the Reich was wise,
Let’s hope the world don’t burn
because of witless white guys


I’m no expert poet like Cuttlefish, nonetheless I feel compelled to make light of Literal Hitler because comprehending the possibility of being his neighbour sends me into the cusp of a catatonic state.

Source: Adam Ellis Comics

Source: Adam Ellis Comics



  1. says

    I will put this here, and remember it, in case I someday need to come back and point “I was right! I was right!”

    I don’t think Trump’s an empty suit full of rats. I think he’s a cokehead or an amphetamine freak. He’s abusing something, maybe adderall.

    Usually with that sort of thing it takes until all the bodies are buried for the truth to come out. E.g: