More religious institutions receiving public money request “conscience” exemptions


Guys, I am getting so fucking sick of Catholic institutions receiving public funding but refusing to play by public rules:

Covenant Health is a Catholic organization that runs publicly funded hospitals in Edmonton and continuing-care facilities across the province. In February, Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith said Covenant Health would not allow patients to end their lives with the help of a doctor in its facilities.

So we sailed way past, “this individual practitioner does not want to offer euthanasia,” which is fine, and into “euthanasia is never happening under this hospital.”

This is a public institution. Governed by public, not Catholic, law.

Yet, the Catholics have openly stated they will be even more obstinate than that:

As well, the bishops demand the “conscience rights” of doctors be protected. This means physicians must not only be free to refuse to assist a patient’s death, but must also be allowed to refuse referring the patient to a more agreeable doctor, they said.

Such a referral constitutes “complicity,” the statement reads.

Go. Fuck. Yourself. You self-righteous sacks of shit. Get the fuck out of my education system, my healthcare system, and my government in general. You want to refuse to provide a service? Fine, that’s bad enough. An individual doctor says they won’t do it themselves? Peachy. But refusing to refer? Fuck you right in your fucking skulls. What right do you have to impose your faith onto your patients? It’s not good enough that the law already allows individuals to refuse to provide the service, it’s not good enough that your religious exemptions were granted, you want to actively antagonize transferring them to a secular facility that will provide the service they are entitled to receive.

Cut. The Damn. Purse strings. Kick them out. Install secular organizers. For the love of dog.




  1. says

    What Tabby said. Worse, there are whole swatches of the United States where the only hospitals in range are Catholic. And women are dying because they need an emergency termination to save their lives, and the hospitals are refusing. And families are being driven into bankruptcy because Catholic hospitals refuse to allow life support to be removed even in hopeless cases, while throwing up road block after road block when the families want to transfer their loved one to a non-Catholic hospital, and while tacking on the legal costs to the already overinflated hospital bills.

    They are a damned plague.

  2. DanDare says

    Government funds should not go to hospitals that won’t meet public needs. If there is no hospital in a region that meets those needs its the governments duty to ensure there is one asap in competition with the useless ones. IMHO.