The Militant Atheist

There’s this stereotype in America of the “militant atheist”. It really sheds a negative light on us. (As if the public opinion of us wasn’t low enough already.) What people don’t realize is that we’re militant because we want to be left alone. Quit trying to convert us all the time. Atheists are typically peaceful yet we tend to be surrounded by people that are mean and arrogant. (Speaking as a Midwesterner anyway.)

It’s very isolating to be an atheist in Toledo, but now with this blog, I have the ability to interact with atheists from around the world. It’s hard to put into words the amount of relief and reassurance that gives me.

I hope with time writing about atheism will give me a chance to sort things out in my head and find a way to make life easier for atheists right here in my own city. I want Toledo to be a welcoming place for everyone.

I am beyond grateful for Freethought Blogs and the opportunity it has given me. I hope to stick around for a while.


  1. Poltiser says

    I think you touched very sensitive subject of spreading a good news to those who did not have a wish to listen…
    You don’t need to declare any affiliation to wish to be left alone!
    I don’t care how they call me – I want to live life as I want.
    I do not harm anybody!

    Live long and prosper!


  2. says

    “Militant” is a weasel word and intentional false characterization. It infers that atheists would engage in the same tactics as the religious (e.g. assassinating doctors who perform abortions, bombing women’s health care facilities, bombing gay night clubs).

    Those who have pepretrated assassinations are engaging in character assassination.

  3. says

    Intransitive is absolutely right. In order to be called “militant”, a Believer has to do something seriously violent. But for an atheist to be called “militant”? Why, all they have to do is speak up! Give a speech. Publish a book. Write an essay.

  4. TGAP Dad says

    Things that will earn an atheist the “militant” label:
    * Replying to a christian’s question as to which church you attend, without apologizing.
    * Omitting “under god” from the pledge
    * Not reciting the pledge
    * Not bowing your head when someone insists on praying over food
    * Mowing your lawn, or doing ANY work, on Sunday (Zeeland, MI)
    * Advertising the existence of a local atheist organization on a billboard, bus, license plate…
    (Feel free to add to this list)

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