Say Hello!


We have new bloggers joining FTB, and most of them will need a few dazed days to get their blogs together, but Odgraphix is up and running, with a terrific post.

Also up and running, Reprobate Spreadsheet, known to some of us as Hj Hornbeck, and Crip Dyke, at Pervert Justice. There’s also a rumor going  around about The Babbler, check it out. And say hi to Rowan at Cobs Web, too!

Have a visit, say hello!

Have a Very Merry!

Have a very merry whatever, everyone, even if this is nothing more than a few days off – enjoy them. Here’s hoping we can usher in the next year with a renewed spirit of resistance, and a firm commitment to be caring and compassionate towards people. Right at this moment, I’m feeling distinctly burnt out, so I’ll be gone for a couple of days. We’re finally going to sit down and watch the second season of Agents of Shield, how’s that for exciting times? :D

The Daily Bird will be up, and I have some lovely stuff from rq, which will probably find it’s way on the blog over the next couple of days, and there might be some giftie showing off, but that’s about it. I’ve had it with nothing but bad and ugly news, and more than anything, I want to pretend it isn’t so for a day or two.  So, I’ll sorta see you all over the very merry whatever.

Remember, the endless thread is always open, if you want to talk, or need to vent, be silly, or anything else. As always, I’m reachable via email (on the sidebar), and if I’m needed in any way, send me an electronic holler, so to speak. I won’t be far. All my love to those of you who have made this blogging venture a viable one for me.


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