Teh Inscrutable Market Forces

You may remember that I did not plan to make three Santoku knives, they were just an afterthought for the most effective use of offcuts, and that I did not plan to make more. Well, when I wrote that, I did not expect that these three knives will be the first that get sold since I got my license. One was sold before Christmas and two through the shoppe in January. The upside is that I now know how to make customs paperwork for the USA. The downside is that whilst this is a small sample, it does indicate that making more of these knives might be good business sense. I can sit on that thought for a while because I won’t come round to making blades for several months at least, but it does leave me with some head-scratching.


  1. Tethys says

    All of your knives are finely crafted tools, but the santoku with the olive wood handle was my favorite too. I am not surprised they sold first. They seem like an excellent multi purpose kitchen knife, for a reasonable price. Congratulations!

    The sets are also very beautiful, but of course they cost more than a single knife.

  2. DrVanNostrand says

    Quick comment to explain my purchase, in case it helps. I already have two full size chef knives that I like, so that wasn’t a high priority for me. I’ve thought about buying a Santoku knife before, but never actually did. It was the beautiful olive wood that inspired me to finally buy one.

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