USA – Ain’t Just Proto-Fascist No More?

This video by Second Thought is very interesting, and I will probably watch his advertised Nebula series on the subject.

I have said as early as 1999 that the USA is a proto-fascist state, and I have said before Trump got into office that he is an outright fascist. It is important not to forget that although he lost the election, the current that brought him into the White House in the first place is still there and still strong.


  1. Gelaos says

    If you want to get an academical, proffesional overview of democracy and how they can fall, I strongly recommend the book How Democracies Die (2018). The authors outline three possible scenarios in a post-Trump era:
    1) a quick democratic recovery (obviously didn’t happen)
    2) pro-Trump replublicans in a very strong political position, actively and successfuly supressing their “enemies” (didn’t happen… yet)
    3) more extreme polarization, institutional warfrare, a “politics without guardrails”

    And I also strongly recommend the film Four Hours at the Capitol (2021) showing the January breach of Capitol. Especially the quote by one US politician is extremely telling: “You know, I was there when 9/11 happened and Democrats and Republicans gathered on the steps of the Capitol and with one voice sang God Bless America. And I just assumed that it would happen again… And it didn’t.”

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