Northern Parrot Substitutes

Hi everyone, things are nuts, but what can you do. I’ll complain later.

Winter has come, with so much snow, it’s wonderful. Never a better way to get the kids outside.

This year I also decided to tame some crows (progress: none), since they were stealing the walnuts anyway. As a side effect, I decided to feed all the little birds, too. I put out large nuts for the large birds, and keep the others supplied with sunflower seeds and pork fat. The nuts disappear, but I still have no crow friends to gloat about…

Anyway, I can’t compete with Charly’s amazing birds, he’s certainly got some wonderful rare species showing up, but I’m quite pleased with this year’s feeder flock. Tit pics later, currently I’m most proud of my bullfinches because at least two couples live nearby and visit.

They obviously don’t mind each other’s table manners… a match made in heaven!

Taking care of the competition… (c) rq


Wipe your beak. (c) rq


I got one photo of both together, then the male walked out of the frame. (c) rq


No napkins in nature, I guess! (c) rq



  1. Tethys says

    They are lovely! Both the color of the male, and the poofy round shape remind me of peaches.

    The wren hunting is an odd tradition. The song itself was sweet and sad. Not what I was expecting as a traditional musical song for what sounds like an Irish version of going trick or treating on Halloween in the U.S.

  2. voyager says

    Adorable little messy-beaks, and unexpectedly interesting music.
    Jack says hi and sends a sloppy kiss.

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