Winterfest Photofest

Winter is a beautiful season, as evidenced by these elegant photos of hoarfrost from VBFF.

©VBFF, all rights reserved.

©VBFF, all rights reserved.

There’s still lots of time to send in your winter photos. Our address is


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    Beautiful pictures of a terrible phenomenon. Last week when I was driving my mom to a hospital, it was foggy and freezing so hoarfrost has built upon many trees along the way in large amounts. Some trees became so overburdened that they bent all the way to the ground, some even lost tops or branches. Especially birches are very prone to this because they have huge amounts of very thin and long twigs, thus they have a bigger surface on which the hoarfrost can build up in comparison to other trees of similar trunk diameter. We nearly had an accident due to one birch branch that broke off and fell on the road.
    But when we drove back and the sun was shining on the frost-covered trees, it was a beautiful sight.
    I like to watch winter in pictures, in reality not so much.

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